Angel: Central monitoring and management system for computers

Angel is a diagnostic program (<1Mb) which when you install on each computer
- Provides information on the health and status of the computer
- While allowing you to control and operate (remotely) on each computer.

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Main Services

Everything you need to know, just to be calm, confident and secure. All services available with the main installation. No hidden costs!

Asset Management

Every component is recorded and presented either analytically or collectively per manufacturer. More...

Error Logging

EventLog is continuously monitored! Every error or critical entry is recorded and transmitted real-time! More...

Ticketing System

Full and complete ticketing! If any error persists (is presented) more than 10 times a ticket is created! More...

Help Desk!

Every computer with Angel installed is a Help Desk! End users requests are transfered to tickets! More...

Software Management

Manage everything, remotely! Programs, Services, Processes, Tasks, Ports, Updates... More...

Remote Access

If despite all, you need access to computer, NO PROBLEM! You ask it, you have it!

Amazing Features

No matter who you are!
No matter if you keep track of one company or a group of companies!
No matter where your computers stand (Europe, America, Alaska, China or in the middle of the Ocean).
Angel will become your valuable friend!

How many Companies?

As many as you like! Angel can update and present the data for each of them...

Computers in Groups?

Do you want to split computers into groups, to better track them? No problem!

To be Replaced!

Angel discovers the age of each computer and reports if it has to be replaced!

Security Limits?

Define your own security limits, either for all or for one computer...

Updates & Patches

Keep track of installed and not installed updates. For all or for each computer...

For all or for each!

Anything you can do for one computer you can do it for all, too! Concurrently!

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Reports, Reports, Reports

Everything you need to be fully compliant, fully informed and fully documented!

Pricing Plans

How do you want to access the information? Everything is doable!

Angel on Cloud* - Annual Price

Desktops - Laptops - Workstations

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DC, File, DNS, Web...


SQL, Exchange





All prices do not include VAT *In case of Virtuals machines (simple computers or Servers) prices are the same as the respective prices for physical ones

Angel on Premises* - Annual Price

In order to have Angel on Premises, charge is the respective prices on Cloud
+ 5 Euros for each computer (Desktop-Laptop) and
+10 Euros for each Server.
The minimum charge for On Premises is 5,000€/year.
If you have less than 1,000 computers, your billing will be 5,000€/year.
If you have more, your annual billing will be similar to your computers.

Angel - Use of API

You can access all information provided by Angel through API calls, regardless of whether the primary facility is located (on Cloud or on Premises).
The fee for using the API is the respective Cloud and extra 0.02 Euros/call
The minimum charge for using the API is 20,000€/year (1,000,000 calls per year).
If you exceed the 1,000,000 calls in a year, the extra blows will be charged with the value listed above, 0.02€/call

*On Premises - Prerequisites:
* Accept installation of 2 Linux Servers on your infrastructure. * Linux Servers are owned by AngelCo. * Provide access to Linux via SSH protocol * Provide email account credentials (for MTA use)

Download Angel

Control everything remotely!

Angel, for each computer, creates a tab and there stores everything!
Installed programs, processes, running services, open ports, startup programs, tasks, updates & patches... Everything!
Then you can interact with the computer (or all computers) every way you want it!

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